VR Events is a Virtual Reality and 360 production company based in South Africa, Cape Town that is pioneering innovative ways to experience and interact with education, entertainment and the working environment through virtual reality.

Bespoke VR Solutions
With our internationally renowned partner, RenderHeads, we create bespoke VR, AR, 360 and other interactive solutions.

VR Commercials
In collaboration with South Africa’s best production companies & artists, we set out to create the most immersive commercials ever.

In partnership with UCT and other international institutions, we are developing new ways of learning and educating.

VR Property
Forj is a subsidiary of VR Events. Forj specializes in creating 360/VR Virtual Property Tours.

Join the 4th Industrial Revolution and market for the future. Create immersive and enticing VR and 360 content.

Google Trusted
VR Events is a Google Trusted Photographer. Boost your visibility with a Virtual Tour of your premises.

Live Entertainment
Enjoy live entertainment in VR with our live streaming solutions. Can’t make an event, we’ll stream it in VR.

Aerial Content
With our fully licensed industry partner, we take your photography and videography to new heights.

Do I need a headset? Does my phone work with your solutions? We can answer all those questions here.



Brendan Louw

Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of photography & IT experience coupled with event coordination background, he uses his expertise to shape the VR industry

Nigel Adriaanse

Chief Investment Officer

CEO of EDPF: Enterprise Development Property Fund - 15 Years Experience in Property Sector.