Experience the world in crisp 8k Virtual Reality. Our production team has worked with internationally renowned production houses to bring the best to VR!

VR Education

Virtual Reality training tools increase memory retention over 100%, this is why we believe it’s a training tool of the future.

Our subsidiary Forj specializes in creating custom virtual tours for Real Estate, Tourism, Education and more.

Want to dive into the possibilities of VR solutions for something bespoke? Contact us below.

About Us

Our world in Virtual Reality

At the core, VR Events was founded as a production house specializing in capturing 360-degree and Virtual Reality content. Their ability to capture content in an immersive way was quickly adopted by Real Estate, Education and Commercial Cinema industries. 

Their team later expanded into the field of software development, merging their immersive content with bespoke Virtual Reality Solutions.

A few things we’re great at

Capturing memories

By using 360° cameras, our production team is able to capture full view of your venues and experiences

virtual tours

Looking for more traffic for your establishment? Or want to use Virtual Reality to connect with clients across borders?


We work with registered ROC and RPL holders to take your UAV needs to new heights


Using Virtual Reality students are able to be immersed in environments that traditionally can be risky, costly or impossible.

The way we see the world

Capturing VR content through 360° cameras or in virtual gaming engines, it’s just the start!

VR producitons

Get lost in immersive content capture in Ultra-Hight Definition 8k

Future of Tourism

Our clients use our VR solutions to help their visitors navigate their museums, restaurants and business establishments

Since February 2021, VR Events has partnered with MetaLabs Africa to take VR to the Metaverse

Our training solutions can viewed on VR headsets, mobile devices, desktops or projected onto walls


Immerse yourself in some of our past experiences

Our Happy Clients

Step into a new reality

Article Mentions

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what has been written about our projects:

“But we’re not at the property, and the agent’s presentation is not specifically for us. Instead, we’re watching a tour on YouTube, moving our phone to look around an impressive 360-degree scene” – James Francis

Business Media

“Changing the way in which our clients are looking at property, this new way of viewing a home brings the experience to life – from the comfort of wherever you are,” says Pieter Davidtz, Business Manager at Jawitz

Property Professionals

Soon, property developers will be able to make use of technology to share their virtual vision before the property has been built. This will allow investors and developers to gauge market interest at an early phase

Estate Innovation

contact information

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